The Vinguard

From a wine perspective, we are living during one of the most exciting times. In 23 years, I have not seen so much shift. Winemakers are taking chances that they never would have dreamed of a decade ago, using a wide variety of grapes and practices, eschewing chemicals and short cuts, and turning what has been the conventional wisdom on its head.

Many continue to produce and consume what have been the most popular varieties including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon and there is still a large market for these wines but even within these categories different winemaking techniques are creating a broader spectrum of styles.

The immense variety and level of quality in winemaking is thrilling. In the several ventures I’ve had over my career, I’ve strived to bring wines that were not readily available or even heard of at the time to my customers or students. Now, I go into wine bars and try stuff that is completely new to me. So what’s next?  The Vinguard.

We’re taking the conversation to the next level and looking at issues from several angles because wine is always evolving.  Today is fascinating but tomorrow might be even more promising and The Vinguard is about letting our readers know what’s on the verge of happening in the wide-open world of wine.


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